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Federal Bank Officers Association is the sole representative body of the officers working in Federal Bank. It is formed in the year 1966 by a young group of officer activists.FBOA is an apolitical trade union affiliated to All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC). FBOA strives for protecting and safeguarding the trade union rights of Officers working in the Bank and in improving the service conditions of officers.FBOA also endeavours to ensure a steady and sustained growth for Federal Bank in tune with the industry. FBOA has always been practicing a positive trade unionism in all its actions and activities to promote a smooth industrial climate without diluting its basic trade union principles. Many of the novel Welfare measures introduced by FBOA over the period to help its members, family members and society at large have brought in a good reputation among their counterparts in the Bank, industry and outside.   Now FBOA has stood the test of time and on completion of 40 years of yeoman service, FBOA marches forward with commitment, devotion and dedication to serve its constituency with added vigour and enthusiasm.  ......


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