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FBOA TURNS 50 Incredible Journey From 1967 to 2017

Federal Bank officers’ Association (FBOA), the mighty organization of the Officers in Federal Bank, is crossing 50. It was formed in 1966 and the  bye-laws were officially adopted on 16-04-1967. It is indeed a celebration time for our members who have been given protection, support and guidance by this great Association. The gleaming faces of thousands of Federal Officers, present and past, and their families stand as an everlasting monument of the yeomen services rendered by Federal Bank Officers’ Association through the last fifty glorious years. We do remember with reverence all the past leaders who had successfully steered the destiny of the Association and all the members of the yester years without whose dedicated efforts the present distinctive position of the Association would have been still a wild dream.


FBOA has been consistently acclaimed by all for its constructive exemplary trade union practices and unflinching commitment to the welfare of its members and loyalty to the Institution. Our fundamental guiding principle has been ‘One for all and all for one’. At the same time, it has never lacked in the concern and care for the society at large. FBOA is a unique organization still holding to the golden principle ie. “an Association free of outside interference and political affiliation only can be loyal to the INSTITUTION AND TO ITS MEMBERS”.


Never compromising on principles, the tradition set-forth by its pioneers, the Association has always stood in the forefront to fight tirelessly for the valid cause of its members. With due respect to the authorities always, the Association has never failed to point out whenever the authorities go astray. With equal earnestness the Association had never shown any reservation to correct its members also when they deviate from the right path. Commitment to the members and loyalty to the institution are the pursuits of the Association always.  Both Rights and duties have been given equal importance by the Association.  I am sure this kind of a positive trade unionism is the firm base for the present confidence of the members in the Association and the acceptance and recognition we receive from the Management and the general public.  Apolitical attitude has always enabled the members to confide with FBOA and which in turn helped the Association to stand above all kinds of parochial consideration.


But, FBOA has had its share of trials and tribulations too. Formed 50 years ago by a small group of 15 officers under the able leadership of Sri N P Mathai, Founder General Secretary of FBOA, with the lofty ideal of serving the officers community in Federal Bank, the organization has faced and overcome many a challenges in its chequered journey to the present stature. It has even faced the dismissal and suspension of its leaders from the Bank, not to speak of innumerable number of confrontations with the Management on various issues.  Formed at a time when trade union was anathema to the   employees in general and supervisory staff in particular, the Association was steeled by the hostile experiences and hard attitudes it often faced from the authorities.  And today, when we celebrate its Golden Jubilee, 50th Anniversary, FBOA has undoubtedly become the ‘numero uno’ in many respects, whether in the matter of ensuring the best service conditions or in pioneering a number of welfare projects for its members and the society at large.


FBOA has tirelessly straddled the path less chosen by Trade unions, pioneering the visionary participative ideal of ‘Grow with the Bank’ in spirit and action. The die-hard activists who have given their sweat and blood to nurture and build the Association brick by brick through peace and crisis will be proud today to find the organization resilient as ever with vigour and grit in its fifth decade of vigilant activism in defending the interests

of the officers’ community in our Bank. Let us remember the contributions made by these dedicated members and salute their tireless efforts and sacrifices.


FBOA has won many laurels during the five decades of its colourful history.  It has also ensured the best service conditions for the officers in Federal Bank, even better than premier Banks in certain areas. The Officers’ Welfare Fund launched in 1979 still remains the most outstanding in its kind of death relief scheme and it has been followed by many sister trade unions in the industry and elsewhere. “Family Meets” organized by FBOA since 1970 with the first family meet held at Bolgatty Palace, Ernakulum, continue to be the focal point of the realization of  Federal Family concept in our Institution.


Federal Group housing projects have benefitted 1000 plus families by now. The ‘Federal Gardens’ housing project at Aluva which houses 110 Federal  families  is an eternal testimony for the achievements of the Association. Federal Park with 200 flats at Ernakulam, Federal Village with 80 villas at Elookara, Federal City with 300 flats has been completed. Federal Greens at Mariapady near Aluva and Federal Capital at Thiruvananthapuram are upcoming Housing projects.


Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT) situated at ‘Hormis Nagar’, Mookkannoor, the educational initiative of FBOA Educational Society is our eloquent tribute to the technical and management education sphere of our country for the future of our promising youths. With full admission, highest number of placements, unparalleled infrastructure, special thrust on incubation, entrepreneurship and start-up it has been consistently retaining the number one position of the most sought after Engineering College in the State of Kerala and has been recently accredited by NAAC with A Grade.


As part of the year-long Golden Jubilee celebrations we have been able to undertake several programmes and projects such as Jubilee Meetings at various Zonal centres, youth Meets, Women convention, Jubilee Family Meets, Social service projects, Clean Planet environmental Mission  at Sanghumugham and Kozhikode Beaches in association with Magic Planet of renowned magician Prof Gopinath Muthukad, Competitions for federal families and school Children, Launch of cultural Forum ‘FLAMES’, Launch Jubilee guest House, sponsorship for a cancer care ward Hormis Memorial walkway in the upcoming  public Garden etc. 


When FBOA Celebrates the grand finale of its Golden Jubilee celebrations at Adlux Convention Centre, Angamally on 13th May 2017 Let us salute all our past leaders and valiant comrades who have waged several glorious struggles with path-breaking achievements enabling us to serve our Bank with dignity and self-respect and uphold high the flag of  FBOA for our future.