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As you know many of our member Officers have been severely affected by the recent devastating Kerala flood. Many of them suffered damage of houses, vehicles, furniture, electronic goods etc. A substantial amount would be required to repair and maintain their houses to previous position and to acquire lost goods. Some of them may be experiencing extreme financial constraints to tie over this situation and we feel that as an organisation of all officers it is our bounden duty to extend our financial support to our brethren at this most crucial adverse phase of their life.

FBOA Executive Committee, met on 7th September 2018 has decided to give financial assistance to a certain number of the most distressed member officers selected by Office Bearers from the applications received. Application for financial assistance is to be submitted through respective Zonal Secretaries to the Central office in the prescribed format as given below.

Last date of submission of Application for FBOA Flood financial assistance will be 7th October 2018.