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The Federal Bank Officer’s Association is affiliated to All India Bank Officers’ Confederation which is the unifying force of the bank officers in the country. All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC) was formed on 6th October 1985 at New Delhi. It was the result of a historic decision taken by major affiliates of erstwhile AICOBOO. AIBOC is an embodiment of strong urge on the part of bank officers to have a really vibrant trade union movement. As the very emblem reveals, the confederation envisages the unity of all the four sectors of the commercial banking of India, the Public Sector, the private Sector, the regional rural Bank Sector and Co-operative sector.

Completely apolitical, the confederation is fully dedicated to the cause of Bank officers in the country. As an apex body, AIBOC is the torch-bearer in the trade union movement not only of the Bank Officers but also of the Supervisory cadre of employees in the financial sector as a whole. AIBOC has acted as a catalyst in forging unity of bank employees and in forming United Forum of Bank Unions in 1997, comprising of all Bank Employees’ Unions and Officers’ Organisations.

FBOA General Secretary Shri. Paul Mundadan has been elected as National Senior Vice President of AIBOC in the 11th Triennial General Council of AIBOC held at Jaipur from 17th Mo 19th March 2017.